Guanabacoa Records

From San Miguel del Padrón to New York


Guanabacoa Records is an American independent record label founded in 2014 in New York City by Chino Pons, and best known for recording the Salsa, Cha cha cha and Son Cubano genres of music.

Over the first year of operations, the company has established itself with records by artists Chino Pons and Grupo Irek and Chiquitico y su Cuba son. The album "Mueve Despacito" by Chino Pons and Grupo Irek  was an indie favorite in 2014.

 The name Guanabacoa means "land of water" in the  Taino Indian language. Guanabacoa  is  a colonial township in eastern Havana , Cuba and is known  as a center of Afro- Cuban cultures such as Santeria , Abakua and  Palo; it is also home to the  first African Cabildo in Havana.  Some of the greatest personalities in Cuban music were born in Guanabacoa, including Rita Montaner, Ernesto Lecuona , Ignacio Villa ( Bola de Nieve), and it was also the childhood home of Cuban singer Lucrecia Saez Perez.


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