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Album "Mueve Despacito"

Recorded in New York City over 2013 - 2014, “Mueve Despacito” features Chino Pons on vocals, core members of Grupo Irek playing (Tosso Hettinger - tres, Hensy Perez - bass, Eddy Valentin - percussion) as well as numerous special guests, including Jacob Plasse, who both played guitar on and engineered the album.

Chino describes the inspiration for this record in his own words:

“Although I began my artistic career later in my life, from a young age I was constantly surrounded by musicians and dancers from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Growing up in this environment of traditional music, these people had a great influence on me, they inspired me to create this album. Listening to my relatives gave me a solid base in Son Cubano. Also, absorbing their knowledge of Rumba, Yambu, Cha Cha Cha, Chaonda and other Caribbean rhythms lead me to create something with a new, more modern sound while still maintaining many elements of traditional Cuban music.

The distinctiveness of this album lies in that each song is in a different rhythm, derived from a mix of influences. All these songs are great for both old and new generations to dance to and enjoy.
This production is the result of a collaboration with my musical family which includes musicians aged 76 -87 years old. My uncle, Chiquitico Sotomayor, my aunt, La China, and Mamby as well as my band Grupo Irek have all informed my musical style. On Mueve Despacito, you will hear both danceable and romantic songs, infused with my Cuban musical style, and with a touch of New York flavor, since this city has been my home for many years.“

Album Credits

Vocals and Chorus: Chino Pons
Piano: Chiemi Nakai
Bass: Jorge Bringas
Carlos Velázquez, Hensy Pérez
Guitar: Jacob Plasse
Tres: Tosso Hettinger
Congas: Carlos Padrón
Bongos:  Eddy Valentin, Carlos Padrón
Trombone: Reut Regev, Angelo Lebron, Joey Beaty,
Tokunor Katimara, Rafie Malkiel
Trumpets: Eduy Fernández, Jonathan Power, Miki Hirose
Flute: Itait Kriss
Guiro y Maracas: Daniel Antonette, Eddy Valentin, Nestor Villar
Chorus: Leslie Haynes and Jesus Sandoval

Recording engineer: Jacob Plasse
Mixed by Luis Herrera
Addicional mixing by Jacob Plasse
Master by Luis Herrera at Masterhead Lab Mastering
Production: Chino Pons and Jacob Plasse
Recorded at 225 Studio, New York City

Cover photo: Sarah Landolt
Inner photos: Juan Caballero
Graphic design: Abel Alazo -
Guanabacoa Records logo artwork by: Josh Smith and Abel Alazo


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