Guanabacoa Records

From San Miguel del Padrón to New York

  • Reynardo "Chiquitico" Sotomayor 
    Highly respected musician who has been playing Cuban Son throughout Cuba for over 50 years. He is 78 years old and still active helping to keep the classic style of Cuban music alive.
  • Bienvenido Rutin
    A musician who has been playing the Tres for over 50 years with various bands, including Chapotin and Ignacio Piñeiro. Bienvenido is 86 old and still works in Cuba as a musician and eventually as a charcoal seller.
  • Clothilde "La China" Manuela Macia Gonzalez 
    Legendary dancer and singer who is well known among Cuban musicians, rumberos, and dancers from the 50's through the 70's. from the 1930's onward she and her husband Sanguili Tio de Los Papines, where the regular dancers for bandleader Ignacio Piñeiro, one of the most important composers of Son music. La china at 86 is still actively working in Cuba.
  • Chino Pons
    Singer, bandleader, composer, dancer and record producer Chino Pons is considered one of the leading New York City-based Cuban musicians. Chino Pons performs regularly in some of the top venues and has toured widely throughout Central and North America. Chino continues to  perform live and is currently working on his next album, spreading his unique take on classic Cuban music throughout the world. Read more at


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